Gallitzin – Victoria Theater

Built in 1919, the records of the Gallitzin Fire Company show the Victoria Theater survived a fire in 1921. Following this early happenstance, it was home to traveling vaudeville acts. In the 1960’s, local lore has it that the showing of the movie Cleopatra caused a stir due to Elizabeth Taylor’s nude bath scene.

Currently another familiar, yet sad story is playing out, as the owner of the building is neglecting its upkeep.  Gallitzin Borough officials recently directed their attorney to begin proceedings to have the theater torn down. Almost a decade ago, Gallitzin officials ordered the same owner to stabilize the building, and only minimal work was done. Another decade of neglect has taken its toll.  Gallitzin residents and officials are understandibly frustrated with the situation, especially the owners of the handsome bed and breakfast immediately next door.


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1 Response to Gallitzin – Victoria Theater

  1. Maria says:

    The Victoria was torn down 4/13/13

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