Highland Hall Update

Altoona Mirror 7/6/12

In the past week or so, I noticed an increase in visits to my posts about Highland Hall.  I also noticed that many people who visited my blog directly searched for information on Highland Hall (the webhost I use lets me see how people arrive at my site, especially if it’s through a search engine).  While pleased to receive the additional traffic, the level of interest in Highland Hall brought concern that something may be happening.  Those of you familiar with the Hollidaysburg area know the architectural treasure that is Highland Hall.  You also know that it’s been vacant and deteriorating for over ten years.  Many people in Hollidaysburg have speculated the building’s owners would like to tear it down.  Speculate no longer…

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2 Responses to Highland Hall Update

  1. Dan Abrashoff says:

    It is a gem of a building. The views from the upper floors remind you of European village with the spires of the courthouse, nearby churches, and the mountains in the distance. I have always thought it would make a terrific Inn if done correctly. Hollidaysburg is a charming and beautiful town, an Inn could be a draw. Hotel Fauchere in Pike County comes to mind of an abandoned building the has sparked new interest in the area. I know Hollidaysburg isn’t close to the NYC drive market but the Inn sparked the re-newed interest. Thank you for your site. It is a great resource for PA preservation!

    • pamainstreets says:


      Agreed on all accounts! And thanks so much for your comments! Please do let us know if you have any investment ideas, as the Borough Council is currently looking into redevelopment opportunities.



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